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Looking for something lifegiving to watch, read, or listen to? 

Find what you're looking for below. 


Professional and thoughtful insights from the late Dr. Mark Laaser, Dr. Greg Miller and the Faithful & True team for those impacted by sexual addiction.


Find powerful resources by

Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser to support you or your loved ones no matter where you may be in your healing journey.


Read about our team's personal stories, thoughts, and even research related to the field of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

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Are you struggling with Pornography... Sex Addiction or Betrayal Trauma? No Matter What You Call It...

            WE CAN HELP.

For over 30 years, Faithful & True, a Christian based counseling center co-founded by Dr. Mark and Debbie Laaser,

has been a trusted place for men, women, and couples. We help men find freedom from pornography, unwanted sexual

behaviors, or sexual addiction. We provide guidance, direction, and community for women experiencing betrayal trauma.

We also work with couples to help them experience growth in their relationships and the realization that their marriage can not

only survive, but can thrive. Let our team of experienced Christian professionals lead you on the path to your healing journey.


For those struggling with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, sexual compulsivity, or unwanted sexual behaviors.


For those looking to heal from betrayal trauma, or the hurt from their partner's infidelity or sexual addiction.


For those who have already began their own individual healing journeys and are ready to work on their coupleship.

Your Journey begins here

Men's Journey Workshop

A powerful 3-day experience created by the late Dr. Mark Laaser for men struggling with sexual addiction, pornography, or compulsive sexual behavior.

Men's Counseling

For men seeking to get to the root of their addictions and trauma in a confidential, personalized setting,  1 on 1 counseling may be the best option.

Men's Groups

Our professional Christian  counselors led groups for men who are current clients or past workshop attendees. Our confidential men's groups offer safety and support.

Services for Men

Women's Journey Workshop

A redemptive 3-day experience for women impacted by their partner’s infidelity, unwanted sexual behaviors, or sexual addiction.

Women's Counseling

For women seeking support in their journey of healing from betrayal trauma and the hurt of their partner's addiction.

Women's Groups

Counselor led groups for women who are current clients or past workshop attendees. Our confidential groups offer safety and support. 

Services for Women

Couple's Journey Workshop

A 3-day intensive workshop for men and women who want to work on emotional and spiritual intimacy in order to transform their relationship.

Couple's Counseling

Working with one of our trusted professional counselors through issues of addiction, infidelity, or betrayal trauma can be a powerful road to healing.

Services for Couples

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