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Published Articles

Featured here are published articles and peer-reviewed research written by the staff at Faithful & True or about our organization. 

This research article was written by Deb Laaser. The research focused on women's perceptions of relational betrayal, and factors that facilitated posttraumatic growth. Results indicated that relationally betrayed women perceived the betrayal as a traumatic event, to the extent that some met the criteria for PTSD diagnosis.

This text is the abstract from Richard T. Underwood's research article tilted: Evaluation of An Intensive Workshop For Men With Compulsive Sexual Behaviors: Changes in Shame, Hopelessness, and Readiness to Change. This article was written after observing the Men's Journey Workshop.

Women who have been betrayed often suffer alone.  They don't know who to talk to or even if they have the right to talk. These wives are held hostage to the pain and suffering in their marriage and often live isolated and desperate lives.  Are you one of those women?

In this article from Shine Magazine, Mark & Debbie Laaser explain how healing from the pain of sexual betrayal  is a journey... God is with you... and there is hope!

This article by Dr, Mark Laaser and Debbie Laaser defines "full disclosure" and what it looks like at Faithful & True. 

This article by Dr. Mark Laaser was first published in New Man magazine in 2000, and has helped countless men  be aware of the dangers and negative consequences of masturbation.

This article was written by Jim Farm, Clinical Director, at Faithful & True in which he explains how humility is a key component of your recovery from sexual addiction. This article was featured in our Recovery Report newsletter.

.All men fantasize sometimes... and not all fantasies are harmful... however, fantasies about money, power and sex can be inconsistent with God's laws and His plans for our lives.

Men want sex and women want to talk. One author has said that sex is “his” main need and talking is “her” main need. To believe this reduces men to only being sexual and women to only being talkative. This myth will result in men and women feeling they are in separate camps, enemies if you will, with competing needs. Is it really true that men don’t like to talk and that women don’t like sex?

There is a problem because most of the world lives in an all-or-nothing mindset.  You are either good or bad, right or wrong, truthful or untruthful, faithful or unfaithful.  Black-and-white thinking is a confining way to live and it leads to judgments about people and situations that simply are not true.  

We can in no way excuse a sex offender's behavior on the fact that he might have been abused himself as a child. If we are going to treat him, however, we must know how wounded he is. I believe the reason most offender treatment programs aren't very effective is that they neglect these wounds. 

If you are a woman whose life has been shattered by sexual betrayal and your husband is not ready to own this problem, I pray that you will have the courage to tell the truth and live in the light.  Speak up!

This article was written by Dr. Mark Laaser and Debbie Laaser, co-founders of Faithful & True. It discusses the biblical teachings that align with the secular field of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).  

What I Know For Sure

What I Know for Sure is that nearly all truths are complicated.  They require a both/and statement.  Here is a truth of our early married life:  life together and with our children was very good in so many ways AND it was not great because we were living with secrets and unhealthy coping.

Unexpected Gifts

This article was written by Greg Miller, our Director of Workshops & Susie Smidt, one of our counselors at Faithful & True for our December 2019 newsletter.

Dr. Greg Miller, Co-Director of Faithful & True Workshops, wrote this article which draws a comparision between the television show, The World's Toughest Race, and his personal healing journey from sexual addiction.

This article by Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT, focuses on the importance of the betrayed wife seeking and receiving help and support in light of her husband's sex addiction and infidelity.

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