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The Fight Of

Your Life

For pastors, small group leaders, or others who want a resource to help guide men through a conversation about sex, pornography, and addiction - The Fight Of Your Life Workbook is a great place to begin.

The Fight Of Your Life


Dr. Mark Laaser's workbook to help guide groups and individuals through conversations revolving around healthy sexuality, overcoming porn addiction, and creating a vibrant spiritual life.

The Nature of the Fight

Becoming a Man of Valor

Seven Principles of Accountability

Taking Every Thought Captive

The Fight Of Your Life

Video Resources

The Fight Of Your Life is an educational & Inspirational presentation by

Dr. Mark Laaser. Watch the 4 videos below with your Men's Accountability and Recovery Groups! Print out the number of workbooks that best suit the size of your group. After completing this event, any men seeking help for their pornography/sexual purity issues, please see our Men's Journey Workshop page for more details and registration.

Why Workshops? 

Knowing the answers to your most important questions will help you decide if our Journey Workshops are right for you or your spouse. Don't just keep wondering. Find out for yourself. 

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