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3-day intensive experiences created by Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser for men, women, and couples who are looking to heal, grow, and become the individuals God created them to be.

A Journey

For Everyone

Men's Journey Workshop

The Men's Journey Workshop (formerly called The Men of Valor Workshop) was created by Dr. Mark Laaser for men who are struggling to control their unwanted sexual behavior. Men may or may not see themselves as sexual “addicts” (a term that is often misunderstood). Our workshop attendees are often dealing with a variety of sexual behaviors – ranging from fantasy, pornography use to compulsive masturbation, prostitution, affairs, and various fetish behaviors. We will work with men who are struggling with homosexual attraction, but our focus is on the addictive, compulsive sexual behaviors and not with issues of orientation. The symptoms or manifestations of sexual struggle may vary, but the underlying spiritual and emotional issues and recovery processes are universal.

Women's Journey Workshop

Faithful & True offers a Women's Journey Workshop, a 3-day weekend event for women who are in a relationship with a sexual addict or a husband struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and/or infidelity. This intensive workshop includes small and large group opportunities to work on betrayal trauma, grieving, understanding addiction, exploring family of origin issues, coping, vision, and personal growth. Our counseling center specializes in working with couples struggling with sexual purity and betrayal of trust. We believe that we have created a safe, Christian environment for women to share and learn from our therapists who have personally lived through the pain of addiction and thrived in their marriages.

Couples' Journey Workshop

Faithful & True’s Couple's Workshop is based on the book, Seven Desires by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, D.Min. Ph.D., and his wife, Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT. They have both written books on recovery from sexual addiction and infidelity both as individuals, and as a couple. The Couples’ Journey Workshop is facilitated by Dr. Greg Miller, M.Div., D.Min. and his wife, Beth Miller, MA, together with Susie Smidt, M.A., LAMFT and Dr. Russ Smidt, MD/Family Life Coach. The Millers and Smidts represent the hope that your marriage can not only survive, but, can thrive

I felt Dr. Greg was talking directly to me. Everything he said seemed to apply to my struggle. This has been a life changing experience!

Mauricio L.

Why Workshops

Workshops help participants not feel alone, encourages honesty and vulnerability, and gives practical tools, tips, and lessons to help manage addiction and unwanted behavior.


Workshop Questions 

All of our Workshops are held in-person at 15798 Venture Lane Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344. We are approximately 20 minutes west of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport.

Where do Faithful & True's Men Journey Workshops for Sexual Addiction take place?

The cost of the Men 's Journey Workshop and Women's Journey Workshop are $1,400. We are currently offering discounts to students (ages 18-24) and Alumni, reducing the cost to $1,050. To receive a discounted rate for your registration, please call our office at (952) 746-3880. The cost of the Couples Journey Workshop is $1,900.


When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to add the cost of airfare, hotel, car rental (should you need one) and all meals. Uber and Lyft are also affordable options for transportation, and are readily available in our area. Based on our knowledge of the area, we're happy to provide suggestions for affordable accommodations on our hotel and travel information page.

  • Thursday: 8:45 AM – 9:00 PM CT

  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM CT

  • Saturday:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT

Times may vary slightly depending on workshop group size.

How much does the Men's Journey cost and what are the hours?

If you are struggling with pornography or sexual addiction, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from addiction and do not seek help. If you’re struggling with addiction, a pornography & sexual addiction workshop can help you understand more about your addiction, how it affects you and others, and how to get help. Contact Faithful & True to start your healing journey.

How can a pornography & sexual addiction Workshop help?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction can vary depending on the individual. However, some common signs that may indicate someone is struggling with sexual addiction include:

1. Excessive preoccupation with sex and/or sexual thoughts and fantasies.

2. Acting out sexually in ways that are risky or harmful to self or others.

3. Repeatedly engaging in sexual behaviors despite negative consequences (e.g., financial, relational, legal, health).

4. Lying or being secretive about sexual behavior.

5. Feeling unable to control sexual behavior.

6. Having difficulty achieving or maintaining intimacy in close relationships.

7. Experiencing negative life consequences as a result of sexual behavior (e.g., job loss, relationship problems, legal issues.

What are the top signs of Sexual Addiction?

Are you sure I don’t simply need more faith Yours is a common story. Paul said, “the good that I would, I do not. The evil that I would not, that is what I do. What a wretched man am I.” (Rom. 7:18,24) We are double-minded and inheritors of original sin. As addicts, we are powerless without God’s help. We need to learn how to have more intimate fellowship with God and with others. It is not that we don’t have faith. we don’t know how to pursue a relationship with Christ in the most humble and willing ways. A part of all sex addicts doesn’t want to give up the addiction. We must really surrender and find true accountability. Our workshops offer the emotional and spiritual tools to start you on a healing journey of doing just that. – Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D. (Co-founder of Faithful & True)

I’m a committed Christian man. I know what I’m doing is wrong. Why can’t I stop by just reading my Bible or praying more?

No, tell them that you’re going to a conference on sexual health and that your intention is to lead a life of sexual integrity. Give it a Promise keepers or proactive type of spin. Or just tell them that you’re going to a conference with men to help you be the kind of man you want to be. – Mark Laaser, M. Div., Ph.D. (Co-founder of Faithful & True)

What should I tell others about the workshop? I sure don’t want to say I’m going to a conference on sexual addiction!

Eventually you will want to tell her. You won’t want to live another day without the true intimacy of really being known. You won’t want to wonder whether or not she would leave if she found out. You won’t want to tell her every detail of your acting out, but you will want her to know the general nature of it. It is important to find a truly humble and willing heart first. You should also be totally committed to your marriage and to sobriety from all sexual sins before you talk to her. You may need the help of a pastor or counselor to get honest with her. Your wife will also need lots of support. Don’t expect her to just forgive and forget. Rebuilding trust and finding true intimacy will be a lifetime journey. My workbook, Faithful and True, discusses truth telling in greater detail. My book, Talking to Your Kids About Sex, goes into detail about why it might be important to tell your own children about your story. My experience has been that just as you were lonely thinking that your sexual thoughts were unique to you and that you were awful for having them, your kids may be thinking the same way. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to them to know that they are not alone and not unique. Is it not better to let kids know that people struggle with problems and that there are healthy ways out? The greatest enemy of sexual health for your children is silence.  – Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D. (Co-founder of Faithful & True)

My wife doesn’t know about my sexual acting out. Do I have to tell her? What about my children?

You may need more counseling. The workshop will outline the process of healing that all addicts need. This will involve ongoing fellowship in support groups, accountability in healthy and supportive ways, and counseling if you have trauma in your life that is preventing you from making healthy decisions. We do identify many deep emotional and spiritual needs at the workshop. Counselors often tell us that their clients come back about one year further down the healing road. – Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D. (Co-founder of Faithful & True)

After the workshop, what then? Will I need more counseling?

You are not alone. We find that about 10% of the men who come to our workshops are struggling with same-sex issues. There usually will be other men there who can relate to your story. We have never found that the men react negatively to these kinds of stories. Usually quite the opposite effect happens. We heal faster when we discover that we all need healthy fellowship with other men. We all have more things in common regardless of our sexual histories. We have also found that the Holy Spirit always brings people to our workshops who have stories that can be helpful to each other. We could tell you many stories of homosexual and heterosexual men who have become best friends, in totally healthy ways, at our workshops. – Greg Miller, M.Div., D.Min. (Director of the Men’s Journey Workshops)

I’m scared to admit this (and very ashamed), but my situation is different. I don’t act out with women. My sex partners are other men. The pornography I use involves men, not women. Will the participants at the workshop be comfortable with me there?

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