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Tell them that you’re going to a conference on sexual health and that your intention is to lead a life of sexual integrity. Or just tell them that you’re going to a conference to help you be the kind of man you want to be. 

What should I tell others about the workshop? I don’t want to say I’m going to a conference on sexual addiction.

As addicts, we are powerless without God’s help. A part of all sex addicts doesn’t want to give up the addiction. Our workshops offer the emotional and spiritual tools to start you on a healing journey of doing just that.


I’m a committed Christian man. I know what I’m doing is wrong. Why can’t I stop by just reading my Bible or praying more?

The workshop will outline the process of healing that all addicts need. This will involve ongoing fellowship in support groups, accountability in supportive ways, and counseling for the trauma in your life.

After the workshop, what then? Will I need more counseling?


Faithful & True

Founded by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, Faithful & True has over 30 years of experience in the field of sexual addiction. Faithful & True has helped thousands of men to discover a new life of sobriety, accountability, and sexual health.

Our Principles

Leading By Experience

We believe that experience is one of the best and most effective teachers. For over 30 years, Faithful & True has been helping men find freedom from sexual addiction. Our founder, the late Dr. Mark Laaser, was considered the leading Christian authority in the field of sexual addiction prior to his death in 2019.

Encouraging Transformation

Encouraging a change in behavior accompanied by emotional health.

Holistic Approach

We seek to understand the components of addiction and address its various needs.

Three Legged Stool

We help 3 groups: men struggling with sexual addiction & unwanted compulsive behaviors, their spouses struggling with betrayal trauma, and couples longing for deeper & healthier intimacy in their relationship. 

Continued Support

No matter where they are in their healing journey, we continue to offer help and support to those who need it through our 3-day intensive workshops, individual counseling and group counseling.

International Reach

Helping those who have suffered due to the weight of sexual sin is a global endeavor, 

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