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Men's Counseling

For those seeking to get to the root of their addictions and trauma in a personalized setting, 1 on 1 counseling may be the best option.

Why Workshops

Workshops help participants not feel alone, encourages honesty and vulnerability, and gives practical tools, tips, and lessons to help manage addiction and unwanted behavior.

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Your Next Steps

We would recommend that you call to schedule with one of our counselors for an initial consultation appointment. Our consultations are a one-time 50-minute session. The purpose of this appointment would be to hear your story and offer recommendations for next steps. While scheduling future appointments is a possibility, this would need to be a decision that is made after the initial consult. For information on each clinicians fee schedule, please see below. We are not a provider for insurance. Please call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Leading By Experience

We believe that experience is one of the best and most effective teachers. For over 30 years, Faithful & True has been helping men find freedom from sexual/pornography addiction. If you are a man struggling to control unwanted sexual behaviors, ranging from fantasy to pornography use, masturbation to prostitution, affairs or various fetish behaviors,


Our Men's Counseling Team

Our staff of professionally trained and spiritually minded counselors and leaders are here to help you navigate through your healing journey.

Jim Farm


Clinical Director / Counselor

Chris Hardesty



Russell Smidt

BCC | FLCA | MD (Retired) 

Life Coach

Dr. David Delmonico

PhD | LPC | PA #PC014247


Dr. Greg Miller


Director of the Men's Journey Workshop / Counselor

The workshop was incredible. To call it a workshop doesn’t even do it justice, it is a shame-shattering, soul-healing experience… my experience at the Men's Workshop was utterly life-changing. I know I walked out of your center on Saturday a different man.  

-Adam, Arizona

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For You

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Find what you're looking for below. 


Life-giving insights for men, their spouses, and their coupleships by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, Dr. Greg Miller, and the Faithful and True team.


Find resources by Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser to support you no matter where you are in your healing journey from pornography, sex addiction, or betrayal trauma.


Life-giving insights from past and present contributors.

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