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the Self-


Click the link below to take The Sexual Integrity Inventory created by Dr. Mark Laaser. This confidential questionnaire will help you identify the severity of your sexual behavior history. If you answer “Yes” to half or more of the questions, we encourage you to contact us at: 952-746-3880 for help.

Why Workshops

Workshops help participants not feel alone, encourages honesty and vulnerability, and gives practical tools, tips, and lessons to help manage addiction and unwanted behavior.

I felt Dr. Greg was talking directly to me. Everything he said seemed to apply to my struggle. This has been a life changing experience!

Mauricio L.

Excellent experience! I now understand much better the “why” of my problem. Thank you for allowing me to be led by men (and women) of faith who clearly understand this addiction.

Michael B.

I finally feel loved! Thank you, Dr. Greg Miller, Debbie Laaser, Beth Miller, Chris Hardesty and others for working through your plan so that I can be free!

Dennis J.

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