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Gentle Assignments

Explore additional Gentle Assignments as featured

in Debbie Laaser's new book,
From Trauma to Transformation: A Path to Healing and Growth

Gentle Assignments

In my book, From Trauma to Transformation, I recommended you link to our website for these additional Gentle Assignments.  These were created for my readers to continue the practical suggestions I write about in each chapter.  I hope you find them helpful on your journey to transformation. - Debbie Laaser

Why Workshops? 

Knowing the answers to your most important questions will help you decide if our Journey Workshops are right for you or your spouse. Don't just keep wondering. Find out for yourself. 

Additional Resources

Debbie Laaser shares her wealth of knowledge and experience through her books, her research articles, and her Threads of Curiosity blogs. We invite you to enjoy her insight,

wisdom and thoughtful perspective.

Threads of Curiosity Blog

At Faithful & True, we believe God has instilled in everyone unique gifts and talents.  What is your passion and purpose? When we are connected to the joy of using those gifts, we have energy and desire to pour into life, staying grounded through times that are stressful or painful.  We find ourselves more lovable and more loving. The question that many struggle with is how to know what that is!  It seems like a venture that is too big.  My blog is a way to start very small, following Threads of Curiosity in your life.  Slowly, slowly, I believe these threads (offered to us from the whispers of the Holy Spirit) lead us to the next step…and the next.  And eventually, we may find the passion and purpose of something much grander.  No matter where these threads take you, I think you will experience joy in the present. 

From Trauma to Transformation


We have all heard of posttraumatic stress, but few of us think about the possibility of posttraumatic growth - the positive ways in which we can be transformed by our trauma. Yet this is precisely what can happen when we face our hurts, struggle through the rubble of our broken relationships, and unearth the ways God wants to use our trials to refine and mature us. 

With compassion born from personal experience and insights gathered from years of counseling others, Debbie Laaser, LMFT, helps you stop asking "Why me?" and start asking "Lord, what would you have me learn from this?" She offers tangible steps you can take to move beyond daily survival toward a future in which you can thrive. With Debbie's guidance, you can experience positive life change not in spite of the hurt, loss, or betrayal you have undergone, but because of it.

Post Traumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women

At Faithful & True, we believe that growing through trials and trauma is not only possible, but also the hope of thriving after painful life events.  We know that God will not waste our pain.  While research has confirmed that trauma and transformation can co-exist (from traumatic life events such as death of loved ones, terminal diagnoses, natural disasters, war, sexual assault, etc), my research project is the first to look at Posttraumatic Growth in Women Who Have Been Relationally Betrayed.  Our findings also confirm that in time and with adequate resources, women experience significant growth from trauma betrayal.  Read more about this great hope…

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