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Women's Journey Workshop

A transformational 3-day experience for women struggling with betrayal trauma, a partner’s infidelity, or sexual addiction. 

Who should attend this workshop?

Our Women’s Journey Workshop is for women who are struggling with their partner’s infidelity, unwanted sexual behaviors, or sexual addiction. Whether new to discovery and counseling, or farther along in your journey, there will be helpful information for you at this workshop. You do not need to know whether you are staying or not in your marriage.  You may have many decisions that are not clear, as well.  We welcome the messiness of the process and invite you just to begin.  The teachings and experiences at the workshop will help you figure out your next right step.

Should I attend counseling before attending the workshop?

Our counselors recommend that all women new to discovery of their husband's sexual addiction engage in a counseling relationship prior to attending the Woman's Workshop. This ensures that all attendees have a safety net to support them in their healing journey. If you have questions about your readiness to attend our Women's Workshop, please give us a call.

What types of betrayal do you address at the workshop?

Our workshop is designed to address all forms of betrayal that a women may have encountered. With over 30 years of experience, both personal and professional, our Workshop team has worked extensively with women from all walks of life. Whether betrayal has been from pornography, masturbation, physical and/or emotional affairs, massage parlors, prostitution, dating websites, sexting, voyeurism, exhibitionism, same-sex connections, or sexual fetishes, this workshop will establish a program for you to focus on your own healing.

I feel alone in my grief. What will I learn at the Women’s Journey Workshop?

You are not alone! There will be large and small group opportunities to learn about grieving, finding safe people, being heard and understood about “not being crazy”- a feeling most women have after discovering the many lies about their relationship. The healing process begins for you when you start naming your losses and being validated for your pain from other women who understand. Since all of our workshop counselors have “been there”, they can offer compassion and empathy as well as relevant teaching. Participants will learn about trauma- what it is, how your body responds to it, symptoms you may experience, and ways to manage it. Women will also learn how relationships develop over time and how to support, not control, their spouse’s healing journey. The leaders will explore trust-building with women and create a plan for moving forward. Women will have the opportunity to meet others from all over the country- and often leave with some very close, supportive friendships that continue for a lifetime.

We've tried couples counseling and it didn't work. Why will a workshop be different?

Couples counseling is often pre-mature when there has been a recent discovery of infidelity, especially if the focus is on growing or healing the marriage before there is sobriety or full-disclosure (truth-telling). We often meet as couples initially to discuss the plan for both of you moving forward, to establish if there is enough safety without a time of separation, to prepare for full-disclosure of acting out, and to emphasize the importance of each of you having your own counselor to proceed. We also know that building a community of safe people for sharing and support is essential to well-being and growth. One of the assets of our workshops is gathering people from all over the country with similar stories to build that community for you. We believe that the early focus of getting help individually is better for both partners. Marriage work is added when a wife feels ready and knows her spouse is sober and full-disclosure has been completed. 

What is the price of the Women's Journey Workshop?

The cost of the Women's Journey Workshop is $1,400.

When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to add the cost of airfare, hotel, car rental (should you need one) and all meals. Uber and Lyft are also affordable options for transportation and are readily available in our area. On our website we provide hotel options that offer special rates to our workshop participants.  If you have interest in sharing a hotel room with another workshop attendee, we can put you in contact with any such interested individual to help share the expense of your hotel room. Call us at 952-746-3880.

The nearest airport is the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). (Approximately 20 minutes from the hotels).

What is the location and schedule for the Women's Journey Workshop?

Faithful & True is located at 15798 Venture Lane in Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, approximately 20 minutes west from the MSP airport.

The daily schedule is:

Thursday 8:45 AM - 9:00 PM Central Time

Friday 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM Central Time

Saturday, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Central Time


The Answers You Need

  • Trauma, loss, and grieving

  • Triggers and boundaries

  • Self-care

  • Unhealthy coping

  • Loving yourself- accepting God’s truth about your value and worth

  • Education about addiction

  • Feelings and what they teach you

  • Disclosure to each other, children, and significant others

  • The effects of early life experiences

  • The importance of a team for your journey

  • Rebuilding trust

  • Posttraumatic growth- how to live as a Wise Women


Journey Workshop

Many women whose partners have been unfaithful or who disclose sexual addiction, can feel isolated and alienated, with little recourse.  Women in these situations often feel that they have no where to turn and no one to talk to. The Women's Journey Workshop helps women know they're not alone and helps them re-establish their sense of worth and value.


One of the most difficult situations for women facing betrayal trauma is having people to talk to. We discuss who is a safe person to share your story with and how to decide how much to share. Knowing you have choices in all your decisions in the journey will give you more peace. Most women find that the workshop participants are some of the first people they can talk to about the pain of betrayal. Through the many teaching experiences, you are empowered to make decisions for your well-being, regardless of your spouse’s choices. When you compassionately detach from your spouse’s journey and focus on what you need personally and from your partner, you can learn how to choose your “next right steps”. These slowly lead to safety, peace, and purpose.


If you are a woman who has been affected by your partner's infidelity or sexual addiction, please know that you are not alone. The Women's Journey Workshop can help you to heal and to move forward in your life.

Topics We Cover For Women Experiencing Betrayal Trauma:

Why Workshops

For women, the opportunity to share with one another and learn as a group is a rare gift. Women who come to our workshops leave with a better sense of their own self, and an understanding of how to navigate the future moving forward.

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Your Women's Journey Workshop 


There when you need it most, meet your guides along the Women's Journey.

Attending the women's workshop was everything I never knew I needed to do for myself. I have never shared the story of my husband's struggles, his secrets had somehow become my own. So when Debbie recommended I start my journey by attending a weekend that would require me to walk into a room filled with other women, I thought she was crazy. It was hard enough for me to tell one person (her) let alone a room full of strangers. 

She was not crazy.

I cannot believe the difference in where I am in my heart from when I entered that room on Thursday morning, to when I left it Saturday afternoon.  I feel seen, and I am learning to be gentle with myself. My steps forward have less and less to do with my husband, and everything to do with what I need in order to be everything God has very clearly called and marked me to be. 

I just want to say thank you to Elizabeth, Beth, and Debbie. The richness of learning from your life experience and seeing you each still walk with hearts that are fashioned by God's love and grace - indescribable hope for me. Thank you. 



I finally feel loved! Thank you, Dr. Greg Miller, Debbie Laaser, Beth Miller, Chris Hardesty and others for working through your plan so that I can be free!

I finally feel loved! Thank you, Dr. Greg Miller, Debbie Laaser, Beth Miller, Chris Hardesty and others for working through your plan so that I can be free!

I finally feel loved! Thank you, Dr. Greg Miller, Debbie Laaser, Beth Miller, Chris Hardesty and others for working through your plan so that I can be free!

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