Women's Journey Workshop

A redemptive 3-day experience for women struggling with a partner’s infidelity, unwanted sexual behaviors, or sexual addiction. 


The Answers You Need

We recommend that women, new to discovery, engage in a counseling relationship prior to attending our Women’s Journey Workshop.

Should I attend counseling before attending the workshop?

The Women’s Journey 3-Day Workshop is led by Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT, and Beth Miller, MA, both who have been in recovery from their husbands’ sexual addiction.  Today, they work extensively with women who have similar stories.  Whether betrayal has been from pornography and masturbation, physical and/or emotional affairs, massage parlors, prostitution, dating websites, sexting, sharing nude photos, voyeurism, exhibitionism, same-sex connections, or sexual fetishes, this workshop will establish a program for you to focus on your own healing. 

What types of betrayal do you address at the workshop?

We encourage you to join the workshop. There will be large and small group opportunities to learn about grieving, finding safe people, identifying coping, understanding the components of sexual addiction, and living in truth (full disclosure with your spouse).  Participants will also discuss their ‘story’—family of origin experiences–learn how couples develop over time, explore trust-building, and create a plan for moving forward.  Women will have the opportunity to meet others from all over the country—and often leave with some very close, supportive friendships that continue for a lifetime.

I feel alone in my grief. What will I learn at the Women’s Journey Workshop?

The price of the Women's Journey Workshop is $1,400. 

When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to add the cost of airfare, hotel, and car rental (should you need one). Based on our knowledge of the area, we're happy to provide suggestions to affordable accommodations.

What is the price of the Women's Journey Workshop?

When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to add the cost of airfare, hotel, and car rental (should you need one). Many use LYFT or Uber for transportation to the hotels or our center.


Based on our knowledge of the area, we're happy to offer you affordable hotel options. (click the link to review the Hotel & Travel Information).

The nearest airport is the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Int'l Airport (MSP). (20 minutes from our center).


Faithful & True is located at 15798 Venture Lane in Eden Prairie, Minnesota  55344. 

The daily schedule is Thursday 9:00AM - 8:30PM Central

                                        Friday 8:30AM - 8:30PM Central

                                        Saturday 8:30AM - 4:00PM Central 

What is the location and schedule for the Women's Journey Workshop?


Journey Workshop

Many women whose partners have been unfaithful or who disclose sexual addiction, can feel isolated and alienated, with little recourse. The Women's Journey Workshop helps women know they're not alone and helps them re-establish their sense of worth and value.

Why Workshops

For women, the opportunity to share with one another and learn as a group is a rare gift. Women who come to our workshops leave with a better sense of their own self, and an understanding of how to navigate the future moving forward.

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Your Women's Journey Workshop 


There when you need it most, meet your guides along the Women's Journey.

Debbie Laaser



Beth Miller


Director of the Women's Journey Workshop

Susie Smidt



Elizabeth Hardesty



I finally feel loved! Thank you, Dr. Greg Miller, Debbie Laaser, Beth Miller, Chris Hardesty and others for working through your plan so that I can be free!

Dennis J.