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Couples' Journey
Workshop 2

A 3-day intensive workshop for men and women who want to work on emotional and spiritual intimacy in order to transform their relationship.

In Person

August 15-17, 2024

In Person

November 14-16, 2024

Upcoming Couples' 


A guided second step

Couples who attend this workshop will experience that they are not alone in this journey. We create safety by allowing couples to work on and talk about only those issues that they feel comfortable sharing. The fellowship created by this group experience is powerful. In the context of this fellowship, couples will gain new insights about their relationship and new friendships as well. Most of all, they will learn new ways to have deeper and healthier intimacy. Our desire is that couples will leave with a new commitment and hope in their relationship and marriage.

Are you new to discovery?

Our Couples' Journey Workshop 2 is designed for couples who are well on their way with "their work". These couples have already tackled individual counseling and are ready to reintegrate intimacy and renew connection together. If you are a couple that is new to discovery of acting out behaviors and have not begun individual counseling work, we suggest you start with the Couples' Journey Workshop 1. More information about that workshop can be found by clicking the button below. 

Your Couples' Journey
Workshop Team 

There when you need it most, meet your guides along the Couples' Journey.

Dr. Greg Miller


Director of the Men's Journey Workshop

Beth Miller


Director of the Women's Journey Workshop

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Faithful & True is located at 15798 Venture Lane in Eden Prairie, Minnesota  55344. 

The daily schedule is:

Thursday 8:45 AM - 9:00 PM Central Time

Friday 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM Central Time

Saturday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Central Time

What is the location and the schedule for the Couples' Journey Workshop?


The Answers You Need

Our Couples’ Intensive Workshop is for couples who have experienced sexual betrayal and are longing to expand genuine relational intimacy. This Intensive offers teaching from the perspective of Mark & Debbie Laaser’s book, Seven Desires —How are men and women alike at the core of who they are, and what do they desire? We will explore these God-given desires and practice practical skills to access more connected communication. Our desire is to help couples become companions in life, building empathy and unconditional love for each other. 

Who should attend the Couples’ Journey Workshop?

If sexual addiction/compulsivity or sexual acting out (including viewing pornography) is a struggle for the husband, our strongest recommendation is that he first attend our 3- Day Intensive Men’s Journey Workshop at Faithful & True. This ensures that he will be well aware of his responsibility for being sober or pure. It is required that the husband have at least 60 days of sobriety prior to attending the couples’ workshop. We also require that there has been Full Disclosure of all acting out behaviors between the husband and wife.

Are there pre-requisites for attending the Couples’ Journey Workshop?

The price of the Couple's Journey Workshop is $1,900.

When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to add the cost of airfare, hotel, car rental (should you need one) and all meals. Uber and Lyft are also affordable options for transportation, and are readily available in our area. Based on our knowledge of the area, we're happy to provide suggestions to affordable hotel options nearby.  The nearest airport is the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). 

What is the cost of the Couples' Journey Workshop?

Why Workshops

Couples who attend our workshop are often at different seasons of their healing journey. We find the workshop is most helpful for those who have done some significant work to attain sobriety & who have also developed support through counseling and/or support groups. Some couples might feel “stuck” in their process of healing, while others come because they are looking to build a new level of intimacy with each other. When there is a sense of stability in the marriage, the workshop can help you to move forward to greater emotional and spiritual intimacy. You can register by calling us at (952) 746-3880. 

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