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Couples' Journey Workshop I

Our newest workshop offering is designed to help a couple navigate the early season of discovery.

A guided first step

Soon after discovery of infidelity and relational betrayal, a couple can feel at a loss for next steps. With the belief that good help early in the process can be vital, our newest offering - the Couples' Journey Workshop I - is designed to help a couple navigate that early season. The two-day workshop is not couples therapy, but rather a place to equip couples to safeguard their marriage and encourage wise choices while in a discernment and recovery process.

Looking for more?

Have you already done your individual work and are looking to reintegrate intimacy and connection in your coupleship? The Couples' Journey Workshop 2 would be a great next step for you and your partner. This workshop was designed for couples down the road in recovery who are looking to delve deeper into couple's work.

  • Creating safety

  • Communicating with children, friends, and family

  • What it means for individuals to do "their work"

  • The components of addiction

  • Healthy boundaries 

  • Stages of recovery and growth

Topics Covered at The Couples' Journey Workshop I

The Couples' Journey Workshop I is designed to be a safe place to stabilize the choppy waters after discovery of infidelity, sexual addiction, or betrayal. It allows couples to connect with others who are in similar situations and gives them the tools to find balance and equilibrium. Couples are encouraged to explore ways to safeguard their relationship while they seek to make choices about the future. Join directors Dr. Greg Miller & Beth Miller for a "couples leading couples" workshop with professional experience and guidance from Susie & Russ Smidt and Elizabeth & Chris Hardesty

Looking to learn more? Please scroll down to our frequently asked questions to gather some additional information. We'd also encourage you to call the office with any additional questions or to register! 

Upcoming Couples' Workshops I


The Answers You Need

This workshop is designed for couples earlier on in this journey shortly after discovery. Typically within the first year, it's for couples' living together or in redemptive separation (in-house, or out). It is required that the husband has attended Faithful & True's Men's Journey Workshop. This workshop is not for couples' looking to focus on reintegrating intimacy, and it is not a place to engage prematurely on topics needing more time and discernment. 

Who should attend the Couples' Journey Workshop I?

The cost of the 2-day Couples Journey Workshop is $1,600. When looking at the cost of the workshop, please remember to consider airfare, hotel, car rental and all meals. These expenses are not covered by the registration price. For those outside of Minnesota Uber or Lyft are affordable options for transportation if you do not wish to rent a car. Based on our knowledge of the area, we're happy to offer you affordable hotel options. The nearest airport is the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Int'l Airport (MSP). Approximately 20 minutes from the hotels.

What is the price of the Couples' Journey Workshop I?

Faithful & True is located at 15798 Venture Lane in Eden Prairie, Minnesota  55344. 

The Couples' Journey Workshop I hours are:

Friday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Central Time

Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time 

What is the location and schedule for the Couples' Journey Workshop I?

Your Couples' Journey Workshop I Team 

Meet the leading couples with the personal experience and professional expertise to guide the way and foster change.

Dr. Greg Miller & Beth Miller

Susie & Russ Smidt

Elizabeth & Chris Hardesty

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Why Workshops

Workshops help participants not feel alone, encourages honesty and vulnerability, and gives practical tools, tips, and lessons to help manage addiction and unwanted behavior.

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