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The Top 15 Things Couples Do...Who Do Well!

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We (Mark & Debbie) have been working with couples for many years. Although we do not have official research to conclude what helps couples thrive in their lives, we have gathered information from watching what has worked for our couples.

This informal research has led to our beliefs about what helps couples do well in their recovery process. The following is a list we created of the Top 15 Things Couples Do…Who Do Well. We want to emphasize that the entire list is predicated on sobriety.

With that understanding, here is the target list to get you started:

Click to see the Top 15 Things Couples Do...Who Do Well!

We realize some of these items need additional explanation and we've got you covered. Listen to the podcast below as Mark & Debbie unpack this list.

Debbie Laaser

Dr. Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D., was recognized one of the Christian leaders in the field of sex addiction before his death in September 2019. Mark, together with his wife, Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT, have shared their 32 years of personal experience in sexual addiction recovery with thousands of individuals and couples through their work and books at Faithful & True. The Faithful & True 3-Day intensive Workshops they have created transform lives,rebuild trust, and help to heal marriages.

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