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Threads of Curiosity: Experiencing God in Everyday Life

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I believe I can hear God’s whisper in these Threads, and when I seek to follow them, I experience more and more of His presence…

Hello! My name is Debbie Laaser, beloved wife of Mark for 47 years, mother of three adult children, grandmother to four beautiful teen-agers, a woman who began a recovery journey over 30 years ago, a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, researcher, sports enthusiast, golfer, business owner, calligrapher, craftsperson, a ‘get er done girl’, wanna-be-photographer, bird-watcher, reader, a gal with many great ideas (too many, some would say), a forever home for my newly adopted, 13-year-old kitty, a precious child of God, and now a widow…

Nothing Too Small

I believe God desires to teach all of us many things, especially in the ordinary experiences of life. I know from my past that the big things in life—the trials, the tribulations, the traumas, the disasters, the losses—eventually lead to growth in my own abilities, relationships, and walk with God. And, nothing is too small, inconsequential, or ordinary for God to use to teach me how to be the person He calls me to be. There is growth to be had in it all, big and small. Now that I am venturing into my ‘wisdom years’, I know that for sure.

This blog is my desire to share some of the everyday learnings that come my way and how they weave themselves into living with passion and purpose. I was introduced to the idea of following clues of curiosity from the book, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Spiritually, I believe that the Holy Spirit is the Author of these clues. These Threads of Curiosity, as I will call them, continue to teach me and when pursued, they fill my days with more joy and passion, helping me know what to do or say next.

Hearing God’s Whisper

What I love most about these Threads is they are distinctly practical (Did I mention I’m practical?). I believe I can hear God’s whisper when I listen and watch for those Threads and seek to follow them. When I do, I experience more and more of God’s presence, His love for me, and my love for Him and others. It’s my sweet spot. It makes my heart sing. At the end of most days, I find myself saying, Thank you Lord, this day has been a very good day. I pray that my blog will help you recognize the small Threads in your own life and see how God is using them to shape and mold you, bringing you more joy. That is my desire.

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