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Casting On…A New Beginning

When I imagine these two threads coming together, I get all giggly inside. I lose track of time. Joy bubbles up. I know that God is live streaming through me, and it is good.

A New Beginning

The thought of creating a blog has been on my brain’s back burner for a few years. I think the idea grew from those I counsel asking me if I had one. To be honest, I never paid much attention to what a blog was or how people used them. Remember, I am entering my wisdom years (however you want to define that season of life!) and staying connected with the newest technological advances feels impossible. So, when asked, I would respond and say I didn’t have one. Still, the idea percolated and grew a little bit. I penciled it in on my maybe-some-day-when-I’m-older-and-have-more-time list.

If ever there was time for new adventures, it is now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Other ways I choose to spend my time are limited. I am still slowly coming back to work after Mark’s death. I also found an amazing young, Christian man to help with social media for Faithful & True, so I do not need to figure this out by myself. Aaron is not only a gifted writer and IT person, it turns out he is a great encourager. His gentle coaching and companionship led me to birth this blog. This new endeavor will be a merging of two of my Threads of Curiosity—writing and photography.


Writing has always been a form of deep connection for me, a way to express my thoughts and feelings while taking all the time I need to do so. I can edit and change words until it says exactly what’s true for me. It’s a way I feel heard and understood. Writing is calming, creative, and it comes easily to me. I have never been able to send a card with only its message. It feels impersonal and worthless without adding a sentiment of my own.

When I wrote my first book, it felt as if a mountain of learning poured out of me onto pages for others to read. It was a wonderful feeling, allowing me to move on to other learnings. When I follow this Thread of Curiosity, I notice that writing gives me life. It energizes me. It’s a passion I believe was instilled in me by God.


What is even more exciting for me is that I love photography, the amateur kind. I dabbled enough in one of my college electives to know that I could attend to backgrounds and distances and placement of the sun to make a big difference in the quality of my pictures. Then I had children and endless photographic moments to capture for albums and grandparents. (Notice, I am not including Facebook or Instagram or texting here!).

To make a long story short, my love of taking pictures has stayed with me throughout life. And then I became a birdwatcher, which brings with it a natural desire to take pictures of these evasive creatures. Do you see the Thread of Curiosity here? All this is to say, I like taking photos which has led to thinking about including my own photos with my blog. They will not be professional, but they will be mine, developing this Thread.

It Is Good

When I imagine these two Threads coming together, I get all giggly inside. I lose track of time. Joy bubbles up. I know that God is live streaming through me, and it is good.

Will you think about a Thread for yourself today?

It could be small.

You may not even notice that it’s a Thread.

Maybe it sparked your interest, giving you a moment of joy.

Perhaps you sense you’d like to spend more time with it.

For now, just follow it.

What I know for sure is it will lead you to something else that’s important for you to experience!

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