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Introduction to the Faithful & True Blog

We pray that this blog will provide helpful thoughts and experiences that contribute to your growth and well-being—to be faithful & true to God, yourself, and your relationships.

Who We Are

Mark Laaser and I (his wife Debbie) are the founders of Faithful & True, a Christian-based counseling center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializing in sexual addiction. Although Mark passed away in the fall of 2019, he is still nationally regarded as one of the leading authorities in the field of sexual addiction, authoring 15 books on the subject, including Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, Taking Every Thought Captive, Becoming a Man of Valor, The Seven Principles of Highly Accountable Men, and The Faithful & True Workbook, as well as contributing many articles for publication.

Mark was also a gifted speaker to numerous audiences worldwide and taught at colleges, churches, and treatment centers. He loved working directly with men, creating short-term intensives, and counseling groups to enhance their recovery journeys. He also birthed and hosted the podcast, Men of Valor Program (now The Faithful & True Podcast) along with Randy Evert, with over 300 episodes. Mark held a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary.

I, Debbie Laaser, am a licensed marriage and family therapist and was involved in recovery with Mark for over thirty years. Together, Mark and I traveled to speak at churches and workshops and we also counseled couples. For over 20 years, I’ve also facilitated therapy groups for wives and counseled women individually.

I’m also the author of Shattered Vows and co-author with Mark of Seven Desires and A Toolkit for Growth: Practical Recovery Tools for Individuals and Couples. My recent research project, “Posttraumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women” was published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. After Mark’s passing, I transitioned into the role of Director of Faithful & True and plan to carry his legacy forward into the future.

Sharing Our Story

What is true about Faithful & True is that it is a place built on the sharing of our story which began in 1987 when Mark went to treatment for his own sexual addiction. Help arrived quickly in the form of trained professionals who knew how to treat what at that time was a fairly new phenomenon.

With the immediate support of individual counseling, group therapy, and couples’ help, we were able to quickly engage in a program of getting well—individually and together. Today we thank God for His ongoing attention to provide what we desperately needed in order to grow and thrive through an immensely traumatic season. We have found our own story of transformation is what draws people to Faithful & True.

Many of our team members have also experienced healing from the wounds of sexual addiction through Faithful and True’s process and are now providing counseling at our center as well. We pray that this blog will provide helpful thoughts and experiences that contribute to your growth and well-being—to be faithful & true to God, yourself, and your relationships.

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