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What Makes Faithful & True Different?

Faithful & True is proud of all of these unique features which have made our services and workshops "a trusted place for transformation" for over 30 years.

- Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT

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One of the hardest parts of the recovery journey is asking for help. It's an incredibly powerful thing to address that you have a problem and you want to fix it. The next hardest step? Maybe it's finding safe people to accompany you on your journey. A trusted friend, a wise pastor, or an experienced counselor? Here are Faithful & True we know the path to recovery and healing is not one to be done alone. We understand the importance of a support system, a safety net, and safe people to hold you accountable. Let us help you make that second hardest step a little bit easier by explaining why we are different.

A Safe Place

We are a Christian counseling center and we offer space for clients to explore their own faith journey without judgement or pressure from any of our staff. We find that many people have experienced spiritual woundedness and need a safe place to process their beliefs. We are proud to be that safe space for everyone, including people from all faith traditions and backgrounds.

We believe that no one place or person can provide all that a person will need to get well. We understand that it takes a village and we continue to partner with other therapists, counselors, and pastors to provide our clients' with additional support.

Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Experts

We have been providing help for men struggling with compulsive sexual addiction, their wives struggling with betrayal trauma, and couples for over 30 years. Our entire team of professionals specialize in the field of sex addiction - it's what they do all day, everyday.

We go deeper to asses the root causes of unhealthy sexual behaviors. It's important to not only stop unwanted behaviors, but to understand "why" they exist in the first place. Here's how we approach sexual addiction and betrayal trauma differently:

  • We go beyond behavioral solutions for sexual health - stopping the unwanted behavior is only the first step.

  • We support character changes and spiritual growth to help our clients be the person God calls them to be.

  • We help men with sobriety, including assessing what is missing from their recovery plan that may be preventing them from staying sober.

  • We encourage our clients to take care of themselves both physically and mentally - mental health and physical wellbeing are crucial to getting well.

  • We focus on the growth that is available from the trauma of sexual addiction or betrayal with a key emphasis on posttraumatic growth.

Many of our staff have been on their own journey of recovery or healing and all are highly trained professionals with expertise in the field of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. We are proud to continue to lead by experience.

A Continued Legacy

Our founder, the late Dr. Mark Laaser, was considered the leading Christian authority in the field of sexual addiction prior to his passing in 2019. We continue his legacy of providing life-changing resources and services for our clients. Inspired by years of work with treatment centers, Dr. Mark Laaser developed a 3-day intensive workshop designed to give men a jump-start to their recovery plan. We continue to offer 3-day workshops; now for men, women, and couples.

After attending one of our workshops, or while working with our staff for individual or couples' counseling, we offer continued support through our professionally-led groups for men and women. Having the support of a community of safe people who share similar stories is something we identify as an essential component of getting well. Dr. Mark Laaser also started his online radio show, The Men of Valor Program, in 2012 that later evolved into The Faithful & True Podcast in 2019. This free, unique, and powerful podcast has over 400 episodes available on our website, iTunes, iHeartRadio, or Youtube. The podcast continues to address core issues related to compulsive sexual behavior and betrayal trauma and often features other professionals in the field of sexual addiction.

Lastly, numerous books and other resources created by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, his wife Debbie Laaser, and other talented members of our staff are available in our online store.

Debbie Laaser

Debbie Laaser MA, LMFT, became the Director of Faithful & True, in 2019 after her husband, Mark's passing. She has facilitated therapy groups, individual counseling, and 3-Day Intensives for betrayed wives for over 20 years. Debbie is the author of several books, and her recent research project, "Posttraumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women" was published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

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