Gone are the days of knights and chivalry, but that hasn't changed God's vision of you as a Man of Valor. Integrity and honor are elusive in a world that has lost its moral compass, yet every man should strive to possess those qualities.
When it comes to sexual purity, men are facing unprecedented challenges and battling temptations from every angle in today's increasingly sexualized culture. Dr. Mark Laaser, internationally-known author, speaker and pastoral counselor, has created a new program to help you win that battle...it's called THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS.

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS were created for men, ages 16 and above, who desire a life of sexual integrity and moral accountability. We understand how challenging that task can be, especially with the temptations that surround us in our world today.

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS will provide men with the unique opportunity to "check their moral compass" to assure that their lives are headed in the right direction... to be a Man of Valor... the man God calls them to be.

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS are NOT intensive workshops for men struggling with sexual addiction. THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS program is an effective, preventative learning experience to help men of every age gain ground in the battle against the temptations of our overly-sexualized world. Men who have identified a serious addiction to pornography or find themselves struggling with sexual purity issues are recommended to attend our MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshop. See the Men of Valor Workshops page on this website for information and online registration.

For more information or to register for upcoming FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE EVENTS, click here or call 952.746.3886.