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Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World - The Mark & Debbie Laaser Story CD

Price: $4.95
Mark and Debbie Laaser tell their personal story of Mark’s sexual addiction, their battle through rehabilitation and recovery. Their story will provide hope & inspiration to help you on your healing journey.

Accountability According to the Book of Nehemiah

Price: $4.95
Dr. Laaser describes basic principles of accountability that are important for all recovering addicts. He uses the biblical story of Nehemiah & the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem to reveal biblical truth about these principles.

The Wounds of Trauma CD - The Mark Laaser Story

Price: $4.95
Hear the inspirational story of Dr. Mark Laaser’s personal battle with sexual addiction, his rehabilitation & recovery. With over 25 years of sobriety, Mark story provides hope and inspiration for any man struggling with sex addiction.

The Role of Fantasy in Addiction CD

Price: $4.95
This CD contains ground-breaking teaching from Dr. Mark Laaser on the role that fantasy plays in sexual addiction.

Coping With Trauma - The 8 Reactions CD

Price: $4.95
In this CD Dr. Laaser describes eight ways that we "react" or cope with trauma.

The Change Model CD

Price: $4.95
Dr. Lasser explains the stages of change along the healing journey from sexual addiction.

The Beginning Journey: Three Spiritual Questions CD

Price: $4.95
In this CD, Dr. Laaser asks 3 spiritual questions that are essential to beginning the journey of recovery and healing from addiction and co-addiction.

Faithful & True Alumni Medallion

Price: $10
This medallion will serve as a reminder that your healing journey is accomplished "one day at a time", while supporting the progress that you’ve made thus far.

Guided Imagery Exercise CD

Price: $4.95
Mark Laaser takes you through a serene & comforting meditation called the Guided Imagery Exercise for Couples.Learn to develop empathy for each other and a deeper understanding of Christ's love. Copyright 2016 Faithful & True


Price: $129
The Fight of Your Life is a 4 DVD event including 10 FOYL Workbooks & 10 FOYL wristbands for Men's Ministry/Bible Study Groups or for any church looking to host a Men's Purity Event. More workbooks & wristbands are available to order.

Shattered Vows - What a Wife Needs Next CD

Price: $4.95
SHATTERED VOWS In this audio CD, Mark & Debbie Laaser discuss important steps for the wives to take who are striving to recover from their husband's sexual or relational betrayal.

The Top 12 Things Couples Do Who Do Well CD

Price: $4.95
THE TOP 12 THINGS COUPLES DO WHO DO WELL Mark and Debbie Laaser share their list of the top 12 things that couples do who do well in their recovery from sexual and relational betrayal.

The 10 Commandments 3 Disc Collection

Price: $14.95
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS This 3 Disc CD collection features Dr. Mark Laaser & co-host Randy Evert discussing the 10 Commandments in their 10 part series from The Men of Valor Program.

The Iceberg Model Audio CD

Price: $4.95
THE ICEBERG MODEL In this two part podcast series, Dr. Mark Laaser and co-host Randy Evert discuss The Iceberg Model by Virginia Satir.

The God of Second Chances 2 CD Set

Price: $9.95
THE GOD OF SECOND CHANCES is a 2 CD set which features 7 MEN OF VALOR podcasts hosted by Dr. Mark Laaser and Randy Evert in which they discuss God's incredible capacity to forgive us of our sins.

Vision 2 CD Set

Price: $9.95
VISION In this 2 CD set on Vision, Mark Laaser and co-host Randy Evert discuss the importance of creating a vision for your life according to God's plan.The 2 CD set contains 6 chapters taken from the Men of Valor Program.

The Journey of Recovery CD

Price: $4.95
THE JOURNEY OF RECOVERY This CD contains the 3 part series taken from The Men of Valor Program with Dr. Mark Laaser and Randy Evert discussing the Journey of Recovery for men struggling with sexual purity issues and relational betrayal.

The Lies That We Believe CD

Price: $4.95
THE LIES THAT WE BELIEVE Our culture tries to convince us of many lies when it comes to healthy sexuality. In this 2 CD set, Dr. Mark Laaser and Randy Evert discuss these lies and the real truth that we all need to know and understand.

Taking Every Thought Captive CD

Price: $4.95
TAKING EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE Lust, greed, pride, arrogance… Where does it all come from? It all starts with a thought in our brain. Dr. Mark Laaser explains the power and importance of Taking Every Thought Captive in this audio CD.

The Purpose In The Pain CD

Price: $9.95
THE PURPOSE IN THE PAIN This 2 CD Collection of four podcasts is taken from The Men of Valor Program, hosted by Dr. Mark Laaser and Randy Evert. Gain a new understanding of the purpose in the pain that we all experience throughout our lives.