Mark and Debbie Laaser have participated in creating training on DVD.  There are two options from which you may acquire their training:

AACC has produced a 30 hour course.  It is hosted by Dr. Laaser and includes several videos of his teaching as well as interviews with Debbie Laaser.  Other experts in the field such as Daniel Amen, Pat Carnes, Russ Willingham, Steve Arteburn, and Ralph Earle are also featured.  The variety of topics and speakers in this series is impressive.  

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Elucida Learning, a division of Grey Communications, has produced a number of video resources that also include Mark and Debbie Laasers teaching.  There is a comprehensive and extensive 30 hour video course that includes teaching also by Dan Amen, Patrick Carnes, and one of our special colleagues, Eli Machen.  Elucida has also done a wonderful job of putting together video resources for individuals, pastors, and churches.  These are hosted by Gary Smalley and include testimonies by many including the Christian recording artist, Clay Cross.

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